My first fuzzy finding: Busyloop in curl

I tend to find ways of occupying myself with new exciting things. It might be a new language I try to learn to speak (not much success there), a new instrument I try to learn to play (I have no musical talents) or perhaps just a new game I lose myself in for weeks (RedContinue reading “My first fuzzy finding: Busyloop in curl”

Oversimplifying the Internet: UDP

If it was not part of your daily or weekly routines to take part in a video conference before the outbreak of COVID-19, it most likely is now. During a video conference it is crucial that the picture and sound travel across the globe as fast as they can; it is less important that everyContinue reading “Oversimplifying the Internet: UDP”

Oversimplifying the Internet: TCP

When two people discuss, they need to be able to speak the same language. With computers, the same applies – but instead of languages, they use protocols to communicate with each other. Without a common language, the risk for a misunderstanding can be quite high. I have introduced a few protocols earlier in this blog:Continue reading “Oversimplifying the Internet: TCP”

Breaking the (protocol) rules

As you may or may not know, the internet is an absolute no man’s land. A wilderness where you can do anything you please. It is like a Finnish tourist getting drunk in Tallinn. Or any tourist visiting Las Vegas, as I have heard. I am, of course, talking about protocol violations. I mean, youContinue reading “Breaking the (protocol) rules”

HTTPS – a (huge!) simplification

In my previous post I explained what happens when you use your browser to access a HTTP site. However, almost all traffic in the internet nowadays is performed over HTTPS. So what exactly does that mean and how does it differ from the HTTP example? Again, we will utilize our trusted carrier pigeon to transportContinue reading “HTTPS – a (huge!) simplification”

What happens when you browse to

You type a URL into your browser and you see images, videos and text pop up on your screen. Sweet! But how much do you know about what is needed for the page to reach your screen? Let me give you a high level tour into the network events that are happening in the background.Continue reading “What happens when you browse to”