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My first fuzzy finding: Busyloop in curl

I tend to find ways of occupying myself with new exciting things. It might be a new language I try to learn to speak (not much success there), a new instrument I try to learn to play (I have no musical talents) or perhaps just a new game I lose myself in for weeks (Red…

Oversimplifying the Internet: UDP

If it was not part of your daily or weekly routines to take part in a video conference before the outbreak of COVID-19, it most likely is now. During a video conference it is crucial that the picture and sound travel across the globe as fast as they can; it is less important that every…

Oversimplifying the Internet: TCP

When two people discuss, they need to be able to speak the same language. With computers, the same applies – but instead of languages, they use protocols to communicate with each other. Without a common language, the risk for a misunderstanding can be quite high. I have introduced a few protocols earlier in this blog:…

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