Hello, World!

Is there a better way to begin a blog than with a “Hello, World”? Most likely, but I cannot think of one.

Just a quick recap to the reader who is not familiar with the reference: a “Hello, World!” is a simple computer program which does nothing else but print the message “Hello, World!” on the screen. It is often the first thing you are taught when you are learning a new programming language. And thus, it was the first thing I printed in this blog.

I know the above might to some readers feel like explaining that water is wet. Apologies! I do, however, have a reason for this kind of opening. In addition to other things, I am planning to write posts here that simplify certain technical topics, especially related to network technologies as that is my expertise. I wish to give short and interesting high level explanations that leave the reader either with a new kind of understanding of the topic, or at least with a happy feeling due to the silly pictures I plan to include with the posts.

On that note: Did you know that, technically, the internet could be implemented using carrier pigeons? It would be pretty slow to download, say, this page, but it could be done.

If you are a more advanced reader, do not be alarmed. I am also planning to include more technically oriented posts, especially related to my thesis. In addition to my full time position as a network security specialist, I am also a part time doctoral student at the ​Department of Computing at University Of Turku. My thesis revolves around endpoint application identification based on network traffic patterns.

I am happy you found your way here, and I hope to see you again in the future!

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